About us


Jcrosoft Limited
Was founded 15 years ago.
Specialized in the development of IT solutions, we accompany companies in their "research & development" projects.
But also on much more precise points requiring very high level skills.
Our competences
Networks :
OSI model, Ethernet, Token Ring, IPX, IP (version 4 and 6), TCP, UDP, SMTP, HTTP, VPN, WiFi, GSM/GPRS/UMTS, VOIP, Nagios, etc...
C, C++, Java (Toolkit GUI SUN/IBM SWT), Lemon, Antlr, php, perl, SQL (Mysql, Oracle, MSSQL, SQLite), shells,
assembly, (x)html/css/dhtml, xml, xslt, JavaScript.
Unix, Linux, MacOS X, Xenomai
Specific skills
Open source maintainer & developer
Design of Business Software (e.g. inventory, buying and selling). Computerization and Computer Science Consultant.
ERP Beta-test Total CEGID (SAP-Like)
We welcome you in our offices by appointment:
-Hong Kong

Our Team